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Com Valley Ltd.
About Com Valley Ltd.

Company Information
Com Valley Ltd. was established in March 1997 with a firm commitment of providing solutions & service to our customers. We are engaged in the following activities:
Wholesale and retail sale of computer components.
Computer system integration
Repair and maintenance
Importing computer components and accessories

Com Valley Ltd. firmly believes that any present or future success we may enjoy, is based solely upon the continued support and trust of our customers. You deserve and can expect all employee efforts and company decisions to be based upon the total satisfaction of our greatest asset - YOU

  1.  AGP MSI,Colorful (Distributor)
2.  Casing Hedy, Modcom (Distributor)
3.  FDD Mitsumi (Distributor)
4.  HDD Maxtor, Hightech (Distributor)
5.  intel (Distributor)
6.  Keyboard Media, Mitsumi (Distributor)
7.  Monitor - Matrix,Hedy (Distributor)
8.  RAM UMAX (Distributor)

  1.  Service For Won BRAND PC (Matrix PC) with three Years warranty.

  1.  N/A


Contact Us

Contact Person: Md. Harunor Roshid
: 114,New Elephant Road, Amena Bhaban,(2nd floor)
Phone:  9661034, 8615100, 8623457, 9674733, Fax 88-02-8620501
Mobile:  0189106282


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